Wedding Photography

Ever since I was extremely young I've had a deep love and appreciation for the beauty of life. I loved capturing once in a lifetime moments in every way I could.
 I loved listening to every story about "the good old days" told by my heroes like Dad, Grandma June or Great Grandpa Ellis. I didn't pack around my first camera at age 11 because I thought it was a cool fad or made me money. It was just an instrument to capture the stories I loved so much. As a timid, shy 11 year old- I never set out to BE a photographer, I never decided that I'd specialize in weddings, and I NEVER dreamed of working in front of hundreds of people. But I loved those moments and people so much that when I was asked to shoot my first wedding at age 15, I knew deep down that I'd do whatever it took to capture those memories.

That's how it all began.
Eight years later, I'm still packing around a camera, I'm still working in front of hundreds of people each year, and I'm still loving it. I want to keep it that way. I'm not out to grow a big business or become rich and famous.I'm on a mission to use my God-given time, talents, and abilities to grow His kingdom and glorify His name. In your search for a wedding photographer, don't underestimate the importance of their roll in your special day... because after everything is over, it is the bride herself who tells me, "I realized that your pictures are what I pull out to re-live my wedding!".

Whether I'm photographing weddings, painting
 with watercolors, playing music, or 
commercial fishing with my family... I never
 want to stop learning, going on adventures,

 and encouraging other
 single women to live each day to the 
fullest... life is now!

“There is a river whose streams make glad the 
city of God…” Psalm 46:4