September 27, 2014

Josh and Anna | 9.20.2014

Josh and Anna's wedding day was one of my favorites. But then again, I say that every time I photograph a wedding. I don't think I could ever actually pick a favorite... 

Anna was a bridesmaid in (another favorite) wedding I photographed last fall... so we met almost one year ago to the day of her wedding. When she wrote and asked me to photograph her wedding, I was so excited!!!  Anna is fun, beautiful, and easy going... and her wedding is definitely a reflection of that. 

I met Josh (and his posse) probably 5 minutes before I took this shot. They all came from Idaho, except two, I think. They wore cowboy boots and complained that they didn't bring their guns... (at least, bring them TO the photo shoot. I'd assume they probably had trucks somewhere with guns in them). I had a hard time holding my camera steady I was laughing so much. Photographing groomsmen is radically different from photographing bridesmaids. You'll see what I mean.

And then there are the girls! Anna and her girls were a blast too-There was a lot of laughter here too, but there were also tears, hugs, and "aw" said over a million times.  There were some of the bridesmaids from last year's Fall wedding that Anna was also in, so we decided this Fall Wedding Occurrence has officially become tradition now, and one of these girls is destined to be married next Fall. 

There's something extremely special about taking family photos at weddings... I love seeing family members re-unite, seeing new additions to the family meet for the first time, seeing a grown group of siblings laugh and joke like they did as kids, seeing parents stand back and watch the photo taking, or rather, their little children who just grew up before their eyes. I love it so much.

The ceremony was beautiful and heartfelt and filled with incredible live music. The bride's siblings and cousins all played during the ceremony, which was the icing on the cake, I thought... It was like having Alison Krauss & Union Station and Jay Ungar all present.

Josh and Anna made everyone around them feel loved and important. They treated their guests like royalty when THEY were the VIPs. That really stood out to me. I know I was blessed by them, and I'm pretty sure I could speak for all of us who were there. Congratulations, Josh and Anna!


Letricia said...

Really, really, really beautiful photos, Kami!

Sarah Sherman said...

Absolutely beautiful Kami! Thank you so much. You did an amazing job!!

Priscilla Roth said...

It was a lovely occasion! Congrats Josh & Anna!

Anonymous said...

Amazing! I love the pics!

~Naomi Houston

Jean Hamilton said...

You captured everyone's personality, the mood, everything! Lovely photography, Kami! And we are still enjoying your photos from last September.