February 16, 2014

Brad and Mikaela's Winter Wedding

Brad and Mikaela's wedding was a lot like the snow that accompanied it. 
It was deep, 
and special. 
Their focus was on what mattered. 

You know how snow covers any ugliness of our surroundings, and makes everything beautiful? That's Brad and Kaela. Their genuine heart and love for each other and the Lord is so deep, beautiful and apparent that anything within a foot of them got showered with it.


I've known Mikaela since I was about 13. (holy cow, times flies.) I've seen her live life, and it's been nothing but a testimony, all the way down to watching her walk down the isle. 

When she asked me to stand up there with her as a bridesmaid and to also photograph the special day, I cried! This was bound to be one of the most meaningful days of my life.

 My friend Chimera gladly agreed to shoot the day with me. Without her, I couldn't have been both bridesmaid and photographer, or have had so many amazing life-long memories... and you wouldn't be looking at so many incredible shots right now! It was awesome having her! She's a keeper. We had way too much fun, and stayed up till 4:30 after shooting the wedding, when we should have been sleeping... Let's do it again, I say!!! 

The wedding was held at the Green Villa Barn in Independence, Oregon. 
Beautiful, yes?

A huge thing that stuck out to me about Brad and Mikaela's wedding was the team work. The snow caused many "plans" to be scratched or improvised, which made it so awesome to see family and friends jump in and be there for every moment and every need. 
Love. Support. Friendship. All of it.

Sometimes, weddings can become a routine.
 "You've gotta have this, this and this... OR ELSE!". What I loved about this wedding, is that if none of the "this this and this" was there, it still had what mattered most.

 Nothing was going to stop this marriage.

Praise the Lord for a dedicated couple, supportive family, friends, a wedding that glorified "what matters the most"... and snow. :) 

Love you guys!