May 31, 2013

This is Abby and Today is Her Birthday...

I met Abby 12 years ago. We had just moved from the city to a little town in the country: Abby's hometown. I remember how much I loved their open fields... and still do. Their family farm is one of the prettiest farms in the valley. Can't you tell? 

A few months ago I started sewing Abby a bridesmaid's dress for her roommate's wedding... And after the first evening of chatting and starting on her dress, I realized how much I had missed Abby. Time had slipped by so fast while she was away at college... 

And now, I was getting to see her every week... and I soon discovered that my favorite part of sewing Abby's dress was that I got to spend time with Abby. Our visits were always good times. 

 And they were always, always filled with laughter. And memories- like this reaction to my photo shoot prompting: "Just think of your funniest friend at college!!!"

We also pondered life, and faith... and the future.

 Abby's on a mission. She leaves for Africa in the Fall. That's actually why I took these pictures- She will be putting them on her prayer cards.

I'm going to miss her... She will be away for 2 years, unless... she stays... Because I keep scheming how I can keep her here. I know it's selfish, but... What would I do without her at Friday night basketball? She's "The Expert". ;)

But regardless,  God is directing her life-- He might take her halfway around the world, but I am thankful He brought her back to our hometown for a bit. God's timing is perfect. I've found a new friend in Abby. And I'm celebrating her life today. 

Happy birthday, Abby, I love you!