May 31, 2013

This is Abby and Today is Her Birthday...

I met Abby 12 years ago. We had just moved from the city to a little town in the country: Abby's hometown. I remember how much I loved their open fields... and still do. Their family farm is one of the prettiest farms in the valley. Can't you tell? 

A few months ago I started sewing Abby a bridesmaid's dress for her roommate's wedding... And after the first evening of chatting and starting on her dress, I realized how much I had missed Abby. Time had slipped by so fast while she was away at college... 

And now, I was getting to see her every week... and I soon discovered that my favorite part of sewing Abby's dress was that I got to spend time with Abby. Our visits were always good times. 

 And they were always, always filled with laughter. And memories- like this reaction to my photo shoot prompting: "Just think of your funniest friend at college!!!"

We also pondered life, and faith... and the future.

 Abby's on a mission. She leaves for Africa in the Fall. That's actually why I took these pictures- She will be putting them on her prayer cards.

I'm going to miss her... She will be away for 2 years, unless... she stays... Because I keep scheming how I can keep her here. I know it's selfish, but... What would I do without her at Friday night basketball? She's "The Expert". ;)

But regardless,  God is directing her life-- He might take her halfway around the world, but I am thankful He brought her back to our hometown for a bit. God's timing is perfect. I've found a new friend in Abby. And I'm celebrating her life today. 

Happy birthday, Abby, I love you!

April 21, 2013

Daniel and T'awna | April 13th, 2013

Delaney Family Photos!

 There are so many good things I could say about this family... that I hardly know where to begin. I DO know I couldn't go wrong by saying they are one my favorite families, favorite couple, and favorite children I know! I love the Delaneys! Life is all the richer by having them a part of it- as is anyone's who meets them. 

(SIX BOYS. What would you do with six boys??? Make your very own pyramid, of course!!!!) 

I think of these guys as pioneers. They are the real deal! Besides investing their lives in raising 9 children and running a farm, I love the rare fact that their ancestors settled their land and built their yellow farmhouse. Can you believe it? Best story ever!  

Consequently, their house is special to them.

When the shoot was over, one of the little guys piped up, saying, "Kami, I would rather have you as my friend than not eat for a HUNDRED DAYS!"

I don't think I've had a more heroic proposal of friendship in my life. That's it. I'm sold! Thank you Delaneys for your amazing friendship and incredible photo shoot!