October 20, 2012

Meet The DeyArmin Family

Last week, I was browsing "family portraits" on photography blogs to get photo inspirations since I had taken the past year off. All of the portraits seemed to be taken in Colorado... they were breath-taking. Now all I needed was a shoot in Colorado, right? I wished.  

The next day I was knee deep in this photo shoot, and spun my camera around to show the parents the results. "OH my GOODNESS!" they said "It looks like we're in COLORADO!". I think I almost fainted when I heard that. I hadn't said a word about that- but they were right- I got my gorgeous "Colorado" photo shoot!

The DeyArmins plopped into our life like a bunch of angels from heaven! (Can't you tell?) They recently moved to our area, and now pastor this Church. It's been amazing to see the life and love in this family and Church! Getting to be a part of it is the best part of all! But I have to say photographing it was definitely a pretty good part too. :)Loved this beautiful day with this beautiful family!

(All four names start with the letter E.)


SisterlyLove said...

So gorgeous!

Kathryn Grace said...

LOVE the last shot!!

sage said...

Lovely photos! It DOES look like Colorado! <3