October 21, 2012

Cranberry + Blueberry PIE

As I write, one of the best smells on earth is coming from the oven! Not to mention, the colors were begging to be photographed! A friend of mine grows Cranberries here locally, and we got a bunch today- just in time for the holidays.  

I couldn't wait to try out a Cranberry + Blueberry pie: http://www.bonappetit.com/recipes/2010/11/cranberry_and_wild_blueberry_pie

There's nothing like knowing local farmers!
Way to go, Emily! 
I'm pretty sure your berries are going to make one of the best pies ever!

October 20, 2012

Meet The DeyArmin Family

Last week, I was browsing "family portraits" on photography blogs to get photo inspirations since I had taken the past year off. All of the portraits seemed to be taken in Colorado... they were breath-taking. Now all I needed was a shoot in Colorado, right? I wished.  

The next day I was knee deep in this photo shoot, and spun my camera around to show the parents the results. "OH my GOODNESS!" they said "It looks like we're in COLORADO!". I think I almost fainted when I heard that. I hadn't said a word about that- but they were right- I got my gorgeous "Colorado" photo shoot!

The DeyArmins plopped into our life like a bunch of angels from heaven! (Can't you tell?) They recently moved to our area, and now pastor this Church. It's been amazing to see the life and love in this family and Church! Getting to be a part of it is the best part of all! But I have to say photographing it was definitely a pretty good part too. :)Loved this beautiful day with this beautiful family!

(All four names start with the letter E.)

October 8, 2012

Peitsch Family Portraits

I spent Friday with these cute friends! And it wasn't your usual photoshoot because it was more like an all day party/hike/pic-nic and photo shoot all wrapped into one. We started the shoot off with lunch. YUM! They took me to their favorite authentic Mexican restaurant. I was spoiled from the start. After driving the costal countryside, visiting beautiful locations, and shooting non-stop, we were pretty tired by the end of our party day. But their happy smiles kept on giving... Thanks, guys! 

October 3, 2012

Something Old, Something New

I love making something old into something new! Here's one of my latest spur-of-the-moment projects. I framed this old nautical chart (map) of Dad's with some driftwood I found while beach combing one Saturday. Rustic rooms are my favorite, and I love the feel this now adds to mine!

And here's something old I made into a new sign for Mom's belated birthday present. Psalm 16:6.