November 7, 2011

DIY Fall Project: Organic Wreath

F irst
You gather your sticks.
I lucked out with a brother who just bought a new mountain bike, and is R E A D Y to go on a ride anytime. So for this step, we ventured down the gravel road, and I, perched on the seat of my blue bike, pointed to the Vine Maple branches I wanted him to chop down for me. It was great. ;)

Then it was my turn to go to work.
To form the base of the wreath, I bent and twisted the branches together, wiring when needed. I can never find clippers around here, and scissors weren't tough enough, so to trim the big branches, I whacked them off with the firewood maul instead...  

  I love how it resembles a Celtic Knot....

Find yourself a decorating pal. 
(Who was also my backup photographer for this post.)

And pull out all of those fall decorations you just bought at Michael's Craft store for 70% off. 
Wait, this is the spot where I have to apologize and confess that this wreath isn't really Certified Organic. All of those decorations you see... 
they're fake. 
P L A S T I C. 
Who would have guessed? 

Prop the wreath up so you can see how it will look when finished/hanging. It is much easier to design this way!

Enjoy it.
It takes time to wind the details, and sometimes you will end up taking it all out and just starting all over again. That's okay!

Because the exciting bonus about this "organic wreath", is that it should last much longer than the truly certified organic wreathes..... ;) 


Mrs. Honey Bee said...

I am so tickled that it is MY door it gets to grace!! Thank you, my dear!! mommy

tera said...

I love it!

SisterlyLove said...

Stunning. I love it!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful! I haven't done anything like that in so long. You're inspiring, Kami!

Kathryn Grace said...

That's lovely! And the photography in this post is stunning as well.

Bisceglia Family said...

Ohhh! So Beautiful! I'm all ready to make one now. :)
Love, Kathrina