February 26, 2011

Mommy's Quilt Squares, Rocking Chairs...and Baby!

                                                                                         {18 weeks}


Sarah said...

So sweet! We're very excited for you all! :-)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful!! I just found out my mom is 8 weeks pregnant, WOW!! We thought since she was already 46years old that when she had my little sister that was it but God is soo good!!

Praying for your mom :)

Miss C the Second said...

Rachel! I think I'm just now putting two and two together!!! Are you the Rachel who asked me to photograph some Snugars hats? Ah! How cool is that? :D I'm glad you commented! I hopped on over to your blog- and love your photography!!!

Thank you so, so much! And you too, dear Sarah!

Miss C the Second said...

P.S. Oh my goodness! And congratulations to YOU GUYS!!!! I read your comment out loud and we all were thrilled. That is great. So great!!! :D :D :D Our Moms are amazing!!! :D :D :D

The First Rose said...

So cute!!!

SisterlyLove said...

Hello Dear!
What delightful pictures! Your lovely Mother looks so young and full of happiness! I love it! Congratulations Mrs. C!!
xo Marguerite

Miss Shiloh said...

Lovely! I love the fouth one! :)