January 8, 2011

Salads and Studies

Here's the yummmmmy salad.

Recipe to come... once I find it! ;)

And here's what I've been studying!

Dr. Leila Denmark, one of America's foremost pediatricians~

who is still alive at age 112.

I just bought the book "Dr. Denmark Said It!" and am enjoying reading the words of this remarkable woman. Incredible stuff...


SisterlyLove said...

How lovely! :) 112! Isn't that amazing? Just think, she was alive in the bustle era. :)

I love the picture of the salad with the matching apron behind it. Can't wait for the recipe!


Johanna said...

I love this Kam! I am so inspired right now!... and that salad reminds me of the colorful greens we've been cooking a lot of. :) Mmm... so good!