October 11, 2010

The Little Yellow House | Simple Love

This little yellow house is the new home to a sweet little family~ my sister, her husband, their little Emma, and baby-on-the-way... It's so perfect for them, but not quite polished up enough to move in right away. That's where we've been this week: polishing, painting, sanding, and enjoying this happy home together.

I've nominated this song as David and Keslie's "theme song". You do that too, right? Theme songs? They're the best! This one struck me one day, reminding me of them in more ways than one: from the "little yellow house", to the "two children", "beautiful wife",
and their
"simple love: always giving, never asking back".
It's true, all of it.

I want a simple love like that.

Love the barn... It use to be a gift shop, so I've heard!

We did do some celebratin' too... just for Kess, on her birthday. It made my whole week just to see the look in her eyes when David brought her Tulip bulbs. She couldn't stop smiling, kissing him, and exclaiming "You're so amazing!". It was priceless.

Oh! And we planted all 90 of those bulbs, too...

Keslie, Mom and I cooked a bunch of freezer meals for when Baby arrives~

Emma was entertained by a little Caterpillar while we worked on the house.

The Smith girls came by for a day, and we painted, and painted, and painted....... Don't ya love that room? (It's the guest room, by the way!!!!!)

David's friend, Caleb, came and worked all week as well. They re-did the ceiling in the living room. I had to record them working on their "paint bucket stilts". Looks like Ben LOVED the idea... And there is the little mommy workin' hard!

Gabe has started the family tradition of singing "Happy Birthday" backwards. Wait, no, you want to hear me sing it? Okay...It goes like this:
Birthday Happy, you too.
Birthday Happy, you too.
Birthday Happy, Keslie dear.
Birthday happy, you too!
*and instead of blowing OUT your candles, you suck in*
^It makes for flattering pictures anyway- because you don't look like a chipmunk!!!!!!^

And...uh....well.... that was the only candle we could find!!!!! ;)
It's never easy to say goodbye.
But that Simple Love carries on and on,
even when you're miles apart.
And even so, we happily arrived home to our much missed, dear Daddy, who had been holding down the ranch. The amazing guy BBQed dinner for us: steak, salad, and French bread...
These are the "good old days".


Mrs. Honey Bee said...

T'was a very special time in many ways, to be sure! Thanks for capturing it Kam-Kam! xoxo mommy

The First Rose said...

Thanks for the tour of the new house. I am soooo excited for David and Keslie!

Laura said...

So, so, so, so adorable!! I'm quite excited for that little house ~ what happy memories will be held there.

Mrs. S said...

Lovely blog post, Kami! I am going to share a link to it on my blog! <3
I love you!!!!! Thank you so much for all of your help!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting that Kami! I'm so happy that they finally found a house. They will turn into a wonderful home in no time. And again, LOVE seeing the pictures and how you capture the warmth, and joy of everything. I have much to learn.

Bisceglia Family said...

Kami you are amazeing! You can make ugly remodel pictures CUTE!! Love the tour, thanks for posting. :D
- Janna

Jantzen Family said...

Yay!!! It's coming along! I love the swirl of Emma's curls with the swirls in the linoleum in the pic of Emma and the caterpillar. Wish we could help! :-(

Mrs. J

Anna Olivia said...

Wonderful post, Kami dear. ~*~ You have such a special family! And so happy for David and Keslie and their new house!! What fun times for you all.