June 23, 2010

A Bridal Gown for Christa

Remember this wedding? "Plumfield"?

There is a certain reason beyond being their photographer that attaches me to this beautiful wedding...

I made her wedding dress.

That's where I've been for the past two months...

...Happily sewing the dress of her dreams.

In the process, I began to fall in love with everything about it.

I tried to catch her likes and personality in each detail.

I didn't want people to look at her and just think that "Christa's wearing a gorgeous gown"... But rather, have the dress be absolutely perfect for her that people's first reaction was "Christa, YOU are gorgeous!"

I've never experienced anything like what I felt when I watched her on her wedding day...wearing this Ivory dress.
She truly took my breath away.

June 13, 2010

Stephen and Sarah- The Isle of Glory and Honor

I spent the entire day yesterday on an Island. It was glorious. The marriage of Stephen and Sarah was one of a kind. This couple radiated the boundless love of God, honor to their parents, and glory to the King of Kings. I felt almost as if I was at a palace.... but I knew for sure that I was on an "Isle of Glory and Honor"

Tim and Christa- Plumfield

Friday held more than I ever dreamed. It was blessed beyond measure. Tim and Christa are such a fun couple. I can hardly describe how precious and dear it is to me to be a part of the happiest and most beautiful day in someones life.

Every wedding holds different feelings, different people, different moments... And for all of these different reasons, I love to tag a creative name along with each wedding I photograph...

I've named this one Plumfield.

And I think the collage below will tell you why.

*And you know, Plumfield was located in my very own home town. Just saying... Isn't is gorgeous? ;)*

June 10, 2010

Announcing: Crooked Stream's New Photography Site!

We've officially moved!
I'll still be posting here, but this new site is for weddings, events, and portraits~ Have fun!