April 1, 2010

Second Hand Fashion Week: Day Three & Four

"Lemons and Lace"
(love Annie's little brown egg {below} she gathered from the nesting box)

I'm back!
I thought I'd combine day 3 and 4 today, and do one post~ Here are our two outfits for spending time enjoying the great outdoors, and exploring the nature in "The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady" (by Edith Holden) while bringing a nature journal of our own~*~*~*~
Annie is wearing~
B&W Daisy Top~Cherokee-----hand-me-down
Jeans~Arizona Jean Co.-----thrift store $1
White Hat~Bijoux Terner-----thrift store $1
Total= $2.00
(The straw purse above ^ was a simple $.50 garage sale find. Made it pretty by hot gluing beaded trim around the top~ Perfect for using as an art bag or beach buddy!)

I am wearing~
Lemon yellow and eyelet lace Top~ handmade with hand-me-down fabrics~ Believe it or not, this top is actually the mock dress I made for these bridesmaids dresses!
Jeans~Gap-----garage sale $.50
Black Flats~Predictions-----thrift store $2.00
Lacey white bolero~Derek Heart-----Ross dress for less $10.00
Total= $2.50 (although the times I wear the bolero the total is $12.50)

The above ratio of where everything comes from is the classic example of my entire wardrobe:
~Made-it-myself-clothing %40
~Thrift stores/garage sales %50
~Special items (from places like Ross) %10

"She openeth her mouth with wisdom; and in her tongue is the law of kindness." Proverbs 31:26


Bets said...


Anna said...

Love the outfits, makes me think of lemonade and summer...*happy sigh*

Katie said...

Very nice! I love the shirt.

Ashley Nicole said...

Just lovely! Makes me think of summer.

Amanda Flynn said...

So pretty... I want to see your outfit better! From what I can tell the combo is absolutely fabulous. :)

Anonymous said...

I really love your outfit!! Did you use a pattern to make the top or did you make it up?? It's SO beautiful!!

- Hero

Miss C the Second said...

Thanks, girls!!! We had a window of sunshine that afternoon, and it did indeed make me long for summer..mmm... ♥ :)

Amanda! I posted a closer-up pic for ya. ;)

Hero~ Yes! The bridesmaids dress pattern I made the top/mock dress out of was: Burda 7569 (with alterations, of course ;))