April 3, 2010

Second Hand Fashion Week: Day Six

"Beekeeper's Bliss"

Okay, so...I know exactly what you're thinking! ;)
But, honestly, this is what you'd find me wearing sometimes, ("second hand honeybee-fashion" ;)) especially during Springtime:

I actually have to give the credit to Mom for this post: it was her idea to share this as my grand finale'! ~*~

My sister and I started beekeeping when I was 11 or 12 (picture above) and just couldn't afford the usual $150.00 bee suits. We set out to our local thrift store with hopes of finding white shirts and jeans to use for designing our own suits. We were blessed to find both, came home as two very happy beekeepers, and set to work creating...
I don't think this is quite considered fashion, but I'd say that the cute bee fabric we used to put boning in our floppy fishing hats and the Arizona Jean Co. possibly adds a more... fashionable... touch than the usual suit, don't ya think? *wink*

Anyway, the total came to $2.00 each
And I still use mine today...
After my sister married, her suit was passed down to Ben...It's still working, rubber banded holes and all. ;)

"She dresses herself with strength and makes her arms strong." Proverbs 31:17

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Anonymous said...

LOVE it! You should have been picked as a finalist! = )