March 30, 2010

Second Hand Fashion Week: Day Two

Okay, so I'm going to break the trend here a little, and introduce my dapper brother. (This is the guy on the other end of the camera, photographing what I'm not...isn't he incredible?)

I had to share this! Because when I thrift/garage sale/hand-me-down shop, I'm shopping for whoever I find something for~ even down to my sister's sister-in-laws!!!! ;) Yep. Frugality is a lifestyle, and effects the whole family, even those handsome brothers.........So! Here he is! I told him he looks like he's from some movie...
"Almost Avonlea"

P.S. Put together this outfit himself. I'm rather proud.
(Especially when I added up the total!!!)

Shirt~ L.L.Bean -----thrift shop $1.00

Jeans~ Unionbay-----hand-me-down

Coat~ Quaysport-----hand-me-down


Hat~ thrift shop $.50


Total = a whopping $1.50

"She watches over the ways of her household, and does not eat the bread of idleness." Proverbs 31:27


Beth Ann said...

I love it! :) I'm definitly a fan Avonlea, and the oufit really looks the part. I need my brothers to see this post. ;)

Amanda Flynn said...

Oh, this is so great! He did a nice job... and your photos are amazing. :)

Modesty is Pretty said...

amazing pictures and outfit =)

Anonymous said...

Love it! The hat is fantastic. = )