February 17, 2010

Introducing: My Herbfolio!

Today's entry:

I've always loved herbs...
but haven't ever dug in deeply to studying them.

I've remedied that by starting my very own Herb journal! I'm quite thrilled about it, hoping to update it daily, if not weekly with drawings and information on different plants...

Herbfolio is the fun name I have tagged onto this project.
Stay tuned for every-so-often updates and information that I hope to learn~ There's an "Herbfolio" button on the left sidebar for easy reference!


SisterlyLove said...

Oh! How sweet! I love these kinds of journals! Have you read or rather looked at this book (below)?
It's so inspiring!


Thanks for your kind comment! I miss you too! Aimee and I were just saying the other day, "I wish Kami lived closer so we could do more stuff together!" We DEFINITELY want to come to the reenactments this year! And it would be SWEET if we could see each other when you come in the summer! I miss you so!
We are all doing splendidly and I hope the same for you guys!
Much Love, Marguerite

Miss C the Second said...

Oh my goodness!!! Mom said she's gotten that book for us when we were younger but :blushes: I don't remember!!!! (I might have to look through it to remember it. ;)) I just placed a hold on it at the library. It looks SO fun and inspiring! Thank you so so so much!

HUZZAH!!!!! I can't WAIT for the reenactments to roll around again. I'm working on a new dress right now. ;)

Aww! ♥ I wish we lived closer too! Okay, so I'll hope to see you at the next reenactment *IF* somehow I can get to your neck of the woods FIRST! I'll start scheming........ :)

Love and miss you gals~ Kam

tera said...

What a great idea!!!!