February 10, 2010

All *Rosed* Up!

I've had this on a mental list to do since.....well, it was December! I know, I wish I had more time to share this with you earlier, but we've been going-going-going. Actually, I'm feeling under the weather today~ I suppose that's what it has had to come to for me to take time to sit down and share.

Kinda nice, with Lemon-Honey tea and all....... ;)

Anyway! To continue my post*!*!*!*!

I've been noticing roses popping up everywhere!
Hats. Lapels. Headbands.
SHOES--- They're EVERY where!!!!! Inspirational craft sites are endless.....like here~ http://tearosehome.blogspot.com/2010/01/tutorialruffle-shirt.html

I've really taken a liking to them. They're so versatile. So creative.

I went to work in 'my own little factory'.
And they made smashing Christmas gifts~

All Rosed Up is actually a family saying we've had for years. It was invented by my older sister when she was about 4 years old~*~ Grandma gave her a pink Rose dress, and after putting it on she was just *beaming* and exclaimed with glee, "Mommy!!!! I'm all rosed up!!!!!!"

P.S. Never mind this "late" post~ I think this is a perfect month to share this Rosie-ness! ;)

{Do feel free to share any of your latest Rose accessory ideas, sites, or shops! I'm sure we'd all love to hear more!}


Laura said...

Such loveliness!!!!!!!

Mrs. S said...

Ok, you've got me all inspired now...I am making myself a headband with a rose and a feather! :)

Miss C the Second said...

Aww! Kess!!! *Really* and truly!? YAY!!! I'm SO, so glad--- especially since I hope to see that headband soon! It sounds so elegant. {might just be tempted to photograph it for everyone on here too!} ;) ♥

Amber said...

Oh sweet Kami, I got all teary eyed looking at the sheer loveliness that only a young woman who loves God can capture. You are an inspiration and someone to look up to, thank you for your influence in my life and in the lives of my entire family. God will richly bless you for your devotion to Him and the beauty He has given us. I love you, ~Mrs. Smith~