February 17, 2010

Introducing: My Herbfolio!

Today's entry:

I've always loved herbs...
but haven't ever dug in deeply to studying them.

I've remedied that by starting my very own Herb journal! I'm quite thrilled about it, hoping to update it daily, if not weekly with drawings and information on different plants...

Herbfolio is the fun name I have tagged onto this project.
Stay tuned for every-so-often updates and information that I hope to learn~ There's an "Herbfolio" button on the left sidebar for easy reference!

February 12, 2010

"How Did you See God in Your Day?"

Yes, sirree....those were the very words of a friend...

Her question still softly echos in my mind...
"How did you see God in your day?"
She didn't ask what the LORD had taught me,

What I learned,

What I struggled with,

What I conquered.

The question was so simple yet so magnificent, making me feel extremely small next to HIS greatness. It magnified HIM!

That perspective really brings your focus away from yourself, and makes you look for the LORD in everything-

From the greatest scenes in life,
to the tiniest,

in broken-ness,

As well as beauty.

The simple days can whisk by so quickly, and you don't want miss the glimpses of HIM....

How did *you* see God in your day?

Look around you.

"Great is the LORD, and highly to be praised, and His greatness is unsearchable." Psalm 145:3

P.S. Thank you, Tera. ♥

February 10, 2010

All *Rosed* Up!

I've had this on a mental list to do since.....well, it was December! I know, I wish I had more time to share this with you earlier, but we've been going-going-going. Actually, I'm feeling under the weather today~ I suppose that's what it has had to come to for me to take time to sit down and share.

Kinda nice, with Lemon-Honey tea and all....... ;)

Anyway! To continue my post*!*!*!*!

I've been noticing roses popping up everywhere!
Hats. Lapels. Headbands.
SHOES--- They're EVERY where!!!!! Inspirational craft sites are endless.....like here~ http://tearosehome.blogspot.com/2010/01/tutorialruffle-shirt.html

I've really taken a liking to them. They're so versatile. So creative.

I went to work in 'my own little factory'.
And they made smashing Christmas gifts~

All Rosed Up is actually a family saying we've had for years. It was invented by my older sister when she was about 4 years old~*~ Grandma gave her a pink Rose dress, and after putting it on she was just *beaming* and exclaimed with glee, "Mommy!!!! I'm all rosed up!!!!!!"

P.S. Never mind this "late" post~ I think this is a perfect month to share this Rosie-ness! ;)

{Do feel free to share any of your latest Rose accessory ideas, sites, or shops! I'm sure we'd all love to hear more!}