October 8, 2009

"The Confessions of a Milliner"

Hats...I adore them!
Ah, yes, my brothers think I may have gone so far as to be addicted to hats...
But really, I think it's just quite contagious.
Well, okay~ they're addicting. ;)
I've been wanting a 1920's-ish Cloche hat to wear,
especially during this crisp Fall and upcoming Winter.
Suddenly, my creative juices were overflowing,
and I felt inspired to design and make what I had in mind.
Out came some black wool,
vintage fabric for lining,
and a gift box to be transformed into it's brim.
I must say, it turned out splendidly.

Later that same week, they came out in
Chadwick's and Maurices...

*Pssst*~Do you think...I may have started the trend??? ;)


Laura said...

Those pictures are so perfect in every way!

Amanda Flynn said...

Just saw on Keslie's blog that you were the creative genius behind the cloche hats! LOVELY. :)

Did you create the pattern yourself? Would you be willing to share it and your construction secrets? I'd do pretty much anything to be able to whip up my own cloches. Pretty please? ;)

And I completely understand if you want to keep your secrets, um... secret. *grin*

SisterlyLove said...

You are such a trend setter Kami! hehe!
I love the hat! I keep seeing these too. I think I might need one. In fact I might have one tucked away in some hat box or another... hmm...

Great pictures! I love the one of Keslie and David. Very good!

Miss C the Second said...

I'm so glad you all love my new trend... ;) Amanda! I'd be happy to share with you girls!!! I'll send you the link to the pattern! My one tip would be to make a practice hat first to ensure the correct sizing. I must warn you, it's rather catching and you'll get on a roll!!!!! :D

KRP said...

Oh, oh! I have been wanting one of those luscious things for such a long time now, and this very afternoon I couldn't stand it any longer and started gazing at some on the internet. You take the prize, my dear! I love your creation - it turned out so lovely!


Bisceglia Family said...

Hi Kami! It was lovely to see you Saturday. Thank you for being our photographer. I can't wait to see the pictures!!!

I noticed that some hats came out in "Coldwater Creek" that look very similar to yours. You DID start a trend!

Love ~ the Fourth Rose