July 9, 2009

Family Portrait Session~ CUTE Little Cousins!

I met with two mommies and 5 little ones for a portrait session in a little old ghost town ;) at high 10:00 this morning. I've been eyeing some old buildings for a while, thinking they would make a grand backdrop for some little cuties... So, when they contacted me about a "cousins" photo shoot, of course, I was thrilled.

"This is going to be adorable."

P.S. I think I just fell in love... ;) TOO cute.


The Hughes Family said...

They look great!! I know I just said that on FB, but they really do!!! You do such a wonderful job,and you are so talented! hehe.... :) ~Kalea~

SisterlyLove said...

So adorable! You have such an eye for portraits!