July 25, 2009

Annie's Traveling Raspberry Stand

We spent this morning hitting garage sales
on the way to the Raspberry patch.
They mix well!

July 24, 2009

July 16, 2009

Musical Pictures~ The Whispering Roses

A Quick Preview!
Yesterday I was privileged to do pictures for the music group, The Whispering Roses! They are always such a joy, and ever so lovely to photograph!!!!

July 9, 2009

Family Portrait Session~ CUTE Little Cousins!

I met with two mommies and 5 little ones for a portrait session in a little old ghost town ;) at high 10:00 this morning. I've been eyeing some old buildings for a while, thinking they would make a grand backdrop for some little cuties... So, when they contacted me about a "cousins" photo shoot, of course, I was thrilled.

"This is going to be adorable."

P.S. I think I just fell in love... ;) TOO cute.

July 7, 2009

Adventures in Beekeeping!

First off, our Spring started out with one honeybee swarm....
It flew high into the treetops, unreachable, on the side of a valley.

One week later, came this swarm. . .and two days later came yet another! Ben and I threw on our beekeeping veils and headed out to try and capture both swarms.

We were thrilled beyond words, and I am happy to say, both were a success!

^*photography by Gabe!

^*photography by Gabe!

^*photography by Gabe!

The first swarm we caught, now at home with our original big hive!

Next, the guys built 4 more Western supers to have in stock for our new colonies! Gracie helped me do the painting, and oh boy! did we enjoy making them pretty!

Out came the stencils and colorful paints!

To close our big day of beekeeping, we all had a delightful tea party~ along with Mom's delicious Strawberry jam and... fresh honey!

You will smile to know~ We named them~ Periwinkle
~ Fairybell
~ and Beatrix.

~*~ What an amazing creation honeybees are! ~*~