May 14, 2009

A Birthday Cake for Annie

She takes after her mother...and Keslie:
strictly, the deepest, darkest chocolate. :D
But marshmallows come in close too, for Annie...

What joy we had together creating a
"Chocolate Mocha Marshmallow Delight".

Happy Birthday, Honey! We love you!!!!!


~ One day last summer, while Annie and Grandma June were washing dishes together, Grandma said: "A woman's work is never done!" , to which Annie replied, "I was born in the kitchen, and I work in the kitchen."!!!! Grandma never forgets the cutest things her grandchildren say... and now this incredibly creative birthday apron made my Grandma June will bring back such fond memories for years to come. So special!


Esther Zimmerman said...

Well, I'm not a dark chocolate fan (though I'm pretty much the only one in my family...and friends)...but, that looks so pretty!!

Chris said...

Wow, what a cake! It's so nicely decorated, I'd hate to cut into it and ruin it. :)
Enjoy your Chocolate Mocha Marshmallow Delight, Annie. And keep on workin' in the kitchen; I am sure you will be a great cook someday!

Ella said...

Happy, happy Birthday Annie darling!! I'm sure that cake was ever so yummy and your day boatloads of fun!

I hope I get to see you in June sweety!!! (I'll be sure and bring my Slamwich cards;))

Much love and hugs,

KRP said...

The apron...oh my...what an incredible idea!

Happy Birthday, Annie, a little late :) - I hope I get to meet you one day. ;)


Miss Cloe said...

Aww! how sweet! Happy Birthday annie, and what a lovely cake!