April 18, 2009

As the Days Grow Longer...

...so do my "to do" lists!

Each new spring, I grow sooooo very happy as I watch my faithful herbs sprout! I always miss them terribly during the long winter... But alas, they finally come with a bright burst of green!

It's my annual endeavor to build a rustic "bent willow" fence around my herb garden. I have a previous post on this fence from 2007!!! ~ http://contentinthecountry.blogspot.com/2007/03/bent-willow-garden-fence.html

Each year, my design is refined and I seem to choose bigger and stronger branches!

After a day of bending and bending countless Vine Maples to soften them to my will, it feels more as if they have bent me back and forth! ;) What could have been more heartwarming than finding my cheery little sis sitting next to a wooden bench with a pink lemon aid stand...just for me!?! Wait...the cups are each labeled. Annie. Ben. Gabe. Kami. Dad.

~How special!~

(No, she's not watering the flowers with lemon aid! The pitcher is filled with water now.) I tremendously enjoyed working with Annie along side of me! She is so tender with the plants, she practically talks to them while she works. ;)

Making signs out of old barn wood to complement our property is a favorite art of mine. I retired my ooold "Thyme began in a Garden" sign (*ahem*, well, actually, to be honest, because a creative brother of mine brushed red paint alllll over the white words, adding quite the special effect! ;) Ahhhh! Oopsies!) :D
and I put up this one:

And now...
I have saved something very, very exciting that I've been dying to share!!!!!!!


Are you sure?

I mean, I'm serious!


Drum roll, please?!?

Today, the guys and I began the construction of a ~*~greenhouse~*~!!!!!

It's all just the very start of one...we didn't get as much finished today as we wanted to, due to the fact that our work was interrupted by the invasion of a black bear!!!! ;) NOT. ;) It's not. Really! When I uploaded this picture everyone thought my dog looked like a black bear. Haha! How could I resist?!

Are you still with me? Okay, good. Don't run away too soon!

~Because I'll be back with progress pictures after these projects have fully flourished! Don't be afraid to come again!