March 6, 2009

Treasures for the Hope Chest!


~*~When the love for the art of homemaking and the hopes of becoming a Mommy and a Helpmeet are held close to the heart of a girl, she fondly looks forward to the day she will open the latch on her hope chest, and permanently take out the little treasures that have been gathered throughout the years...

~*~Thrift stores can hold quite special treasures, when your sharp eye is shopping.

~*~Mom and I discovered these adorable bumper pads for a crib, and 6 porcelain knobs for a little girl's dresser!

~*~I can't help but smile as I picture a little nursery, adorned with these dainty treasures.

~*~Keep on the look out for these exciting deals!!! It's hard to stop jumping up and down after spending $3.00 for such practical and beautiful items! Start hunting!

~*~ Tootle loo!


Ella said...

Oh! I love the colors in those bumper pads! And those knobs are just TOO much! Sooooo cute!!! Finding things for our hopechests is so much fun, yes? Speaking of, I've been praying for you about this week-end! So exciting! =)

Sending you lots of hugs!

Eleree said...

Oh Kami! How thrilling! I adore those knobs! They are such special finds..:)

Much love,