March 26, 2009

~Heather, in March~

"It was one of those March days when the sun shines hot and the wind blows cold: when it is summer in the light, and winter in the shade."

~Charles Dickens



Emily said...

Hey, I just happened upon your blog and absolutely LOVE your pictures! They are simply beautiful! I adore photography, too, and it's so inspiring to see your photos. :)

Bisceglia Family said...

What a beautiful photo! And that is one of my favorite Dickens quotes!

It was great to see you last Saturday!
Love & Hugs ~
Kathrina, the Fourth Rose

Melanie said...

I love the picture, and I also love the quote. I remember falling in love with it when I first read it. ;-)

Joanna Kristina said...

Such a beautiful picture, and blog! I so enjoy it all! Blessings on your day!


Ashley said...

Beautiful photo!
I love the Dickens quote.

Laura said...

Such a beautiful photo!!!! Makes me think of Louisa May Alcott. :D

Eleree said...

Kami, it's absolutely lovely! Your photos are sooo breathtaking...

Ella said...

I love this photo Kam. It's simply breathtaking...but even the word breathtaking doesn't seem to describe it to it's fullest! I love how epic it Heather is...waiting. :) Breathtaking.

Haha, I just noticed Eleree's comment...(can you tell we're sisters? ;-))

I am thinking of you sooooo much Kam!!!!

Jolie Christine said...


My name is Jolie. =) I thought I'd introduce myself, since I've heard sooo much about you, and I found a link to your blog on Johanna's blog...thought I'd stop by, and decided to say hello. =)

Johanna Ramsey is a really close friend of mine...we met on the sensibility forum and have been emailing for about two and a half, maybe three years now.

Anyway, I love your blog! It's really neat. You seem like a really sweet Christian young woman. ;)

Hope you have a blessed day!


Miss C the Second said...

Jolie! Soooo wonderful to meet you! Dear me, you already heard lots about me!? Hehe! ;)
Well, I must admit, I've heard about you, and you seem like a very dear girl! (It was hilarious, great fun commenting on Johanna's pics about being the shorties. ;)) ...Don't we have such a dear, dear friend in Johanna? Ohhhh! So special!

Thank you for stopping by and introducing yourself! I've been meaning to do that myself for a long time now. I'm so glad you did! Yay!

And blessings to *you* too! Please do come again! It will be fun to talk! :)

Laura said...


I love, love, love this photo. Where else do you get to find a modern day historical picture like that. And how do you get the picture to turn out that way. I am trying to find that feature on my camera.

Hey, I am from HSA, I saw your picture and I was wondering, could I use this picture for a cover art for one of my books I am writing? Please write me at, to let me know. I would really like to use it, if I give you credit for it. Let me know!PLease let me know what your terms are!