January 27, 2009

A New Civil War Dress for Annie

My Christmas present to her, which was sewn in secret...
...Or, more accurately, just sewn discretely as possible.
She's pretty smart. ;)

She is in love with it, I have observed.
Not a week has gone by since Christmas day when the little green dress is not worn by the sweet little girl.

Yesterday, the kids created their own little camp. When Annie came inside for a moment, Daddy asked her, "So, are you getting your new dress all broken in for its first reenacting season?" ... Confused and troubled by the word "broken" she shook her head, and told him she didn't want to break it. After Dad explained what "broken in" means, her face lit up and she said with a smile, "Oh!!! Ya!!! ...you mean get it all smell-y!!?" Haha!!! She knows reenacting all too well, and I think she spent too much of the day under the influence of her brothers. ;)

The buttons: all uniquely different. Porcelain, metal, wooden.

...my favorite being the little red, wooden button on the waistband~

January 17, 2009

~Miss Amber~ Portraits

The past couple of weeks I have been on an out-of-state trip visiting dear family and friends, hosting and enjoying a wonderful belated Christmas party, and editing hundreds of pictures...the reasons of my absence from here. But! I have returned with a big bundle of pictures to share. Hooray! Here are some portraits of sweet Amber. Goodness! She is soooo lovely!

I love this classic look of Amber's. :D We had such a fun evening together, didn't we!? Oh! the sun was glorious!!!