December 2, 2008

~The "Foursome" Photos~

The Lord has brought wonderful people across my photography path. Being hired to take family portraits has been a great joy to me. I love working with people, I love little children- making them smile...and even better: make them laugh! :) Each family is so unique, and I love getting those "creative brainstorms" while watching them and how they relate to life and their family.

Let me introduce the R. kids.
A very hilarious bunch they are. We all had a blast!!

Check back for their individual portraits!~*~


Ella said...

Oh my goodness Kam! Those are amazing!!!! I am so, so proud of you. The photos you captured are just wonderful! I love the sepia one, and the one in the hay best. =) Wonderful, wonderful work! I can't wait to see singles!

Missing you so!!!!


P.S. I'm so glad you found the CD's! ;-)

Bisceglia Family said...

Very fun photos, Kami! Keep it up.

It was such a delight to see you on Sunday! Also, thanks for sending the photos. I'm looking forward to seeing you again....its
just over a week away!!!


SisterlyLove said...

WEEEEE! You are so talented! very brilliant indeed.....
I especioly like the third from the last! It's very splendid!
I love you!
~Aimee <3 <3 <3