December 31, 2008

Embracing a Photography Title and a New Year!!!!!

Until now, the news of my official photography name has been painstakingly contained within me. I decided, today, right now, as the last moments of 2008 ebb away and we usher into a new year, that I would declare this happy news on my blog:

~Crooked Stream Photography~

It's out now! But I wanted to share the story behind it...because it blesses me so.

For a while now, I've been praying for a suitable and very significant name for my art. I desperately wanted to use something dear to my heart, creative, clean sounding, and expressing what the Lord has done through this thing called photography. I knew using your own name as a title is a classic thing photographers do, but it just didn't quite match my wishful ideals. Besides, it's not me, it's the Lord, Who is working in me...and that's what He showed me:

My name means "Crooked Stream", and over the years, that has been a treasure to me. I have realized that I am crooked, and the Lord is the straight path that I desperately desire to follow. He is leading me to His glorious City, to be like Him. And when He revealed to me what I need to call my photography, I knew it was the most perfect answer in the entire world. Even down to the verse that I tag right along with Crooked Stream Photography shows His love and care for every detail: "There is a river whose streams make glad the city of God..." Psalms 46:4

In closing, it is my prayer, with all of my heart: to make glad the city of God!
Love, Kami
In only a few hours...HAPPY 2009!!!!!


Bisceglia Family said...

Oh Kami! The other day when I first saw your new title I thought "Hmmm, I'm not sure that's my favorite but maybe it will grow on me." It has--in a hurry! How very, very special. I think Crooked Stream Photography is perfect, especially now that I know the beautiful story behind it!
I pray for God's blessings in your photography--you really have a knack--and wish you the happiest of New Years.
Much Love ~Kathrina

Mrs. Honey Bee said...

Love you! mom xoxo

Eleree said...

Kami, dear, dear Kami. It is perfect!!:) So full of meaning, meaning unknown and known. I love it!


Anonymous said...

Oh, it is even sweeter now that I know the story behind it! I am so encouraged by how you look to HIM in your photography and give God all the honor for it, because He does deserve the praise for EVERYTHING we have or do! I love your pictures and I know they will continue to bless others. May the Lord send many more opportunities to glorify Him with your photography -


Chris Dortignac said...

Kami, it's perfect! And you expressed it in such a beautiful way.
I just want to say thanks for sharing your thoughts and the scenes of life that the Father has given you the opportunity and talent to capture. In seeking to bless the LORD and make glad the city of God, you have blessed me. Thank you for being pliable in His Hands.


Elizabeth said...

What a beautiful name, Kami!! And so meaningful too-- given the precious story behind it!!
I love seeing your photography, and am so inspired and impressed. It's just too bad that you have a Canon, ya know Nikons are just soo much better! :) (I'm teasing!!)
But most of all, I'm grateful that you shine for Christ-- and for Him alone. Your photography work is a reflection of a life totally consecrated to the Lord and for His glory and Honor!!
Love you!!

Ashley said...

I love it! It's perfect! God bless you...


Anonymous said...

That is a beautiful story, Kami! Thanks for sharing it with us.
I love your blog!... only I wish we had high speed so I could see all the photos. :D
Hugs, Sarah

Cowin Family said...

I love it, Kami!! On your little strip of pictures, who is in the last one?


Angela said...

Thanks for sharing the story behind your title. :) I've been praying and thinking of a name for my photography also. :) I hope that the Lord will bless me with a name with the kind of meaning you have in yours.