October 29, 2008

A Post Especially for Fall!!!

It's Been Spectacular!!!
I don't ever remember a Fall as gorgeous as this...
The calm, crisp weather, the vibrant colored trees...
And the best gatherings with family and friends that just warm my heart on a freezing day!
Mom peaked out the front window the other day, and was so touched to see her own little "army medic" and "patient" contently playing in the great outdoors...or wait, he's 100% soldier! Annie is playing 100% "wounded". And Baby Beretta is just hangin' out...

During the end of October was an Apple Cider Press...Let me tell you, it stood out like a good old black and white picture from days gone by. The bond of fellowship, productivity, and love for family...was so refreshing.

And there was...Pie! A Pie contest...

Caber tossing...


David and Keslie came up to celebrate Keslie's 19th birthday! It was so fun and...delicious. ;) I made her a surprise birthday cake and we stopped at Eastpoint Seafoods to pick up some Oysters to cook over the campfire!

Another special event this Fall was a Mother and Daughter Tea...

Lovely all the way around-

Time with Mom and Annie. Speakers. Tea! Luncheon. And photo ops! :) ~~~~~~~~
Yesterday, I tried my hand at dipping beeswax candles! Thanks to the info I found on this blog from my search for instructions: http://kneek.wordpress.com/2007/01/31/beeswax-candles/

It wasn't very hard after all!!! I loved it~So fun!

I must stop now...I've got to stop somewhere! We just had so many things going this Fall, and of course on my end, that's always resulting in tons of pictures!

I'm anxious to pack my bags, and head out to see D&K and the rest of our "new" family... ;) Until I return to blogosphere~Kami

October 13, 2008

Gift Idea~ Butternut Squash Soup

A couple of years ago my Aunt gave us a gift...It was a simply wonderful, cheery, and practical gift! Ever since then we have been in love with this new "Butternut Squash Soup" recipe! Fall is now here...And we have been coming away from "Jay's Fruit Stand" with such lovely Autumn squash!

Let me add, that this weekend was my sweet, newlywed sister's birthday!!! (Happy Birthday, Keslie!!!) I had been thinking about what would suit her the best for a gift this year...hmmm...Oh, of course! The fixings for a hot soup during this crisp season as newlyweds! Ha, perfect!!! So, off shopping I went to buy the dry ingredients that I would be able wrap as a gift for this recipe:
~Butternut Squash Soup~
Saute' in 1/4 cup olive oil:
-2 onions, diced
-6 garlic cloves, minced
-1 tsp fresh ginger, minced
Add 10 cups of chicken stock, 6 cups peeled and diced butternut squash. Bring to boil, add 1/2 cup rice, 1 tsp salt, and black pepper to taste. Bring back to boil, then simmer for 45 minutes. Remove 2 cups and puree', return to soup. Stir in one cup freshly chopped parsley and garnish with Parmesan cheese...Yum!

And for a bonus, if you're the type that likes to add to or change a recipe according to what you have on hand, ;) I'll tell you, it still is turns out to be perfectly delicious!!!

So, in parting- have fun and play around with some of my favorite Autumn ideas!~