September 4, 2008

~To Have and to Hold~

Congratulations, my dear sis and wonderful new brother!

^(Johanna's Photo)^


Ella said...

I'm so, so glad you like that picture I captured Kami! It is so picturesque! But just wait till' you see Sam's!!! Oh my, he's editing right now. :) I love the pic of Kess and David's hands!

Oh Kami...your "wonderful new brother" sounds soooo amazing and thrilling! Wow...

Miss you sooooo much!

Jacqueline said...

Great pictures Kami!
I'm so excited for your family,
~Love Jacqueline

Hannah said...

I LOVE the pictures, Kami! :)

Miss Cloe said...

Those are awesome pictures

It is so exciting to think of David and keslie MARRIED!!

The Wolf family said...

Beautiful pictures - thanks for sharing them with us!!
Blessings to David and Keslie!!!!

Ashley said...

Even more lovely photos Kami?! Thanks for sharing!

Janna said...

Beautiful photos! I love the first one of him carrying her towards the big red barn. :)

The Ulmer Family said...

I love the pictures, Kami!! What a special day!! David and Keslie look so thrilled beyond words-- what a beautiful couple God has joined together!!
I'm praying for you in this new time-- so many, many changes!!! :)
Know that He is always there!!
You're in my thoughts and prayers!!

Much Love,

abby said...

lovely pictures!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...