August 14, 2008

Patience is a Virtue

From my recent experience, it is nearly impossible to convince some who is hopelessly in love that wedding bells are, Oh! so close, and they will soon be in the arms of their Love for ever after.
And that door will soon open into a whole new life together!!


Ella said...

So lovely Kami! Oh, I love it. I love how you describe each charming, creative photo. You make me smile!

15 days!!!!!!!!!

Amber said...

Oh Kami! That is lovely! I have to admit that I am telling David the same thing! "2 weeks really WILL fly by!" He doesn't agree! Oh well! I love all your pictures! You are so creative!

Love you!

Ashley said...

Great pictures!I love them all. :)


P.S. Make sure and post some wedding pics on the S&S message forum!

Amber said...

Oh Kami only 8 days and 5 hours! There! It doesn't sound like that long anymore does it!
Oh I can't wait! We have been just talking over details for rehearsal dinner! Everything is coming together nicely!
Can't wait to see everyone there!
Have a very blessed day!


Bisceglia Family said...

Ahhh...beautiful photos, Kami!
The way your shots are focused give them a graceful appearance.
See you, Lord willing, VERY SOON!!!!
Lovingly, Kathrina

SisterlyLove said...

I know EXACTLY what you mean...

=] ~Margie

emme said...

Your photos are always so lovely, Kami! Thanks so much for sharing...☺

~Emily ("vintage" on S&S forums ☺)

Jacqueline said...

Such a sweet post Kami!
Wish I could be there today to celebrate with you all.
Love and Blessings