July 3, 2008

Admitting Neglect... ;)

Every time I scroll through some of my ((hundreds)) of pictures, I get an awful feeling, knowing I haven't had the time to post the shots I am dying to share!!! So, that's the reason I've decided to just do a post and flat out admit my neglect. Until I post again, I will be alive somewhere, happily getting ready for my sister's wedding... =D
The flip side to this post- is that I have been tagged by my dear friend, Emma, for a book meme. I debated whether I should just go for it or not...
I admit, I've neglected to start and finish a lot of books these past few years...
I mean, I've read through tons of "how to's"...Photography, beekeeping, gardening, cooking, livestock... But I haven't really touched the novels. =(

I'm going for it anyway!

Link to the person that tagged you, post the rules somewhere in your meme, answer the questions, tag six people in your post, let the tagees know they’ve been chosen by leaving a comment on their blog, let the tagger know your entry is posted.

Who is your all-time favorite author and why?
From what I've read, I really enjoyed Ralph Moody's stories about his life growing up on ranches in Colorado, L.M. Montgomery, a little of Lois Walfrid Johnson's, ...And from what I've watched, and want to read soon, some Charles Dickens, Jane Austen, and Elizabeth Gaskell.
Who was your first favorite author and why?
That's a vivid memory! My first favorite author was Jean Craighead George. I found the My Side of the Mountain series on the shelf at the library when I was about 9, read it about 4 times...LOVED them.
Do you still consider him/her to be among your favorites?
J.C.G.- Not really...Her worldview is a little messed up. ;)
Who is the most recent addition to your list of favorite authors, and why? Lois L'Amour...Because I'm familiarizing myself with the West the best I can for maybe some future movie ideas, for the love of history and the west, and they are short stories that I can actually finish!!
And I want to start some by Agatha Christie...
If someone asked you who your favorite authors were right now, which authors would first pop out of your mouth?
Ralph Moody, Jane Austen, L.M.Montgomery, Lois L'Amour...ummm...

While I'm here,


Ella said...

Happy Independence Day Kami! You are so cute, admitting your negelct like you did;). I think when you have a free second, you should just post like one picture with a title. Then, we will be happy and you would not have to admit neglect =). hehe.

Oh yes! Louis L'Amour and Agatha Christie!!!! Thank you for posting the book meme.

Bisceglia Family said...

I second Ella's comment. Just post a few photos when you have a chance! It gives us a peek into what is going on. We'd love to see photos of the wedding dresses!

Stephen Bittner said...

Very amusing :)

And I agree with the Bisceglia family - how about some engagement updates?! :)