May 10, 2008


...Daughters, and tea.
We girls immensely enjoyed co-hosting a "Mother-Daughter Luncheon and Tea" this week, in honor of Mother's Day! It warmed my heart to see mothers and daughters gather together with love and respect for one another.

(Etiquette, by Emily Post. Very fascinating!)

Lots of washing to do...

I put together a little "quilting basket" for a small, creative project.Sewing a heart...

I have gratefully learned what a precious friend I have in my Mother. So, I want to encourage you, daughters, that if you have a mother, to find the friend that she is.
Be that friend to her.
I found that value by sharing with my Mom. Long walks, real talks.
It's amazing. You may see her every day, but we hardly know her heart if we don't take the loving effort to encourage and care for it. A Mother has many responsibilities, and it does wonders if I know how I can step up and help her spiritually. I know that what the Lord has done is precious, and I wanted to give that little seed of hope to you.
Each moment ties a tie that will last forever.
Happy Mother's Day!!!

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The Jantzen family said...

Praise the Lord for mothers!!!