May 14, 2008

A Journey

For some reason this picture reminded me of just a simple, passing season in life's journey.
And for another reason, I also look forward to the time driving down the highway with my family....
I have a feeling we'll have lots of smiles and not any blues on this trip! ;)


Amber said...

I miss you already! How was your "journey" home? I think I have cried more today than I did the last two weeks. I love you and your family so much! Right now I feel so encouraged and not really that tired. how is unpacking going? Here we have unpacked both vehicles and all the stuff that needs going through are in the house. All the other stuff is all put away! I'm so happy!

Could you pray for my Grandma? Her husband did pass away last night. I feel sad for her because she will be lonely and miss him very much.

Thank you ever so much for your friendship.

Love you, Dear!
H.E. Fairchild

Amber said...

Oh Kami, Kami, Kami, Kami, Kami!
I can't say anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

YOu loving friend and sister!

Miss C the Second said...

I am speechless.
I miss you all! OH HEATHER!!!!!!
I sent you a letter last night. =D
Your sis, Kam

(Yes, I'll definitely pray for Grandma!)