April 18, 2008


...And that's what we were doing last Friday.We had several people over to help them sew their own Scottish clothing for an upcoming Highland dance we are hosting. Here are some pictures from when we were creating the outfits...

We cut, pinned and ironed their plaid kilts all day...

...And the house was filled with a "productive" mess. ;)

I had to laugh when I saw this:
I baked a "Bonnie Butter Cake" thinking that it would go along perfectly with our Scottish projects. Yum! (It's a shredded Coconut/Almond, broiled frosting.)

Scotland Forever!


crimson said...

I feel a sudden urge to get a plane ticket and fly up there for your dance! It sounds amazing. The costumes make me swoon! :D


P.S. from Jo: I am dying over your house all over again!!!!!! It's so perfect and inviting:).

Angie said...

Wow! I love the outfit in the last picture. Did you use a pattern, or did you make it up? Your house is SO beautiful, too.

Miss C the Second said...

Thanks, girls! :)
Emma. I think I can relate to that kind of sudden urge...I would not be sorry if you gave in. ;) He he!
And Jo. All I can say is...Thank you. Thank you. It is just calling your name, isn't it? ;)

Angie. I did use (but modified) a pattern for the top, a blouse my sister bought, and made up the skirt...We have a couple of skirts like that- They're wonderful!
(And thanks for the nice comment about our house. :) )

The Ulmer Family said...

Love the pictures, Kami!! So good! Scottish dances sound like such fun!!! :)
Have a Great Week!

Amber said...

How fun! I would love to see pictures of the finished kilts!

HannahC said...

Ooh! I'm sure you had a great time on Friday! Oh yes, please show pictures of the finished kilts, if you can!
I agree with "Jo" :) your house is so pretty!

Miss C the Second said...

Thanks Amber and Hannah!!
Yes, I was hoping to post some pictures of the kilts. I'll see what I can get at the dance this Friday... =)

SisterlyLove said...

Wowee. You got guys to sew kilts. You girls are amazing. ;-) Love to see pictures of the dance! Sounds like so much fun! wish we were there. :(
Love you.

ms Evangeline said...

Gotta love the picture of the scottish dress!!

Miss C the Second said...

The dance is this weekend... oops... =)