April 21, 2008

Hiving Our Honeybees

Our Italian Honeybee package was in,
and we made the long drive to pick them up.
I was very frustrated when I read the 10 day forecast of rain, cold, and rain...
That's definitely not the ideal weather for hiving a new colony, but it was what we had.
Overall, everything turned out alright! =)
We pulled out the umbrella and went to work anyway.

Ruhl Bee Supply was packed with beekeepers waiting for the new shipment. The wait wasn't too bad, and nobody minded me snapping pictures of their adorable shop out front... ;)

I had never been in a beekeeping warehouse like this, (In the past we have had everything shipped to our house.) and as soon as I stepped inside, every one of my senses went wild...It was so amazing!

Adjacent to the shop was the warehouse,

filled with good stuff!

We found our order waiting for us...It was like Christmastime!!!

I highly recommend this beekeeping instructional movie!
It is what taught us a lot of what we know...I love it- except for his statement about honeybees evolving over 40-something millions of years ago, which I absolutely disagree with!
More equipment...

So, we headed home to settle them into their new hive...
"Hiving" is one of my favorite jobs in beekeeping!

What a day!


Let's hope for honey next year!


ms Evangeline said...
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Deovin1 said...

Very nice. That looks like a ton of fun! Very nice pictures as well, though, I don't understand how you can hang out in a store and just snap pictures. It just seems strange!

Kamon said...

What a great experiance!!

In a store like that I would go broke in minutes after browsing for hours.

Not many things are more exciting than a package of God's amazing apis mellifera! So excited for you K.

Miss C the Second said...

Oh, David...You'd understand if you were in my shoes! ;) I just can't help it, it would be like being an artist without any paint! But, yeah, I have made some shop owners nervous before. =(
Anyhow, I'm glad you liked them.

Thanks, Kamon! I was almost overwhelmed by just being in that warehouse... bee paradise. ;)

Morgan said...

This was a fun blog post! Loved the pictures; it looks like you all had fun. Honey is so delicious!