March 16, 2008

The Photographer: How the Rain Falls

An Alec Knightman Film
-Third Floor Productions- 2007

"The year is 1929. James Lewis is a police photographer in a small suburb. His job involves high risks and little reward. Jem finds himself struggling to find a true standard of justice amid his turbulent times. Ella Reinhardt is a banker’s daughter. Her mother died at an early age and Ella is left alone in their spacious home with her preoccupied father and a mystery her mother left behind. Jem and Ella are linked together as, quietly and unobtrusively, a thunder cloud threatens to drench them in a downpour that will reveal a mystery and leave an indelible mark. In every life there are hard choices to make. Only God can know what the world will look like beyond the storm."

Okay...Are you completely convinced that this is a perfectly clean and wonderful film... from today? It's a favorite of ours that beats the best of today's films...The Photographer is built on a Foundation that present-day productions lack.

Are you ready to ride along with the action, the mystery,
and to be driven...Oh, wait...I can't tell you about that part.
Check it out, everyone!
You can get more exciting info and buy it here:


Bisceglia Family said...

Keslie shared that movie when she visited us. We were impressed! Isn't it neat what independent filmmakers are creating nowadays? Hmmm...wish I knew some Christian filmmakers...oh but wait...I do! Tripod Productions, thank you for YOUR work too!

Miss C the Second said...

Yeah! I remember that! I really wish I could have made it down there...I would have loved to watch it with you guys and get your reaction. Ha ha! ;) I knew would would love it though.

Oh, Thanks so much!!! I'm glad you guys know Tripod Productions or else, what would we have done without that Celtic soundtrack?!?!? =) Thank you for YOUR work, girls!

Hooray for inde filmmakers! =D

Amber said...

I really liked the Photographer as well. I found it very encouraging to watch a clean and well made film!

I just need to see it again....

emme said...

I've been wanting to see this film for a long time now...but I haven't had the chance! Sounds really good!


Ashley said...

I will show my parents this movie. It looks really good!

Kami, I have been looking at your photography. It is wonderful! I love photography too. But none of my pictures even come close to being as beautiful as yours. What kind of camera do you own?


Miss C the Second said...

@ Amber- Maybe we should just watch it every time we come over?!?(WithOUT the hot cocoa that might...spill.) ;)

@ Emily- Yes! I know how it is to be wanting to see something and not having the chance for a long time... Hey, but now's a good chance to see it! ;)

@ Ashley- Hello! Was this one of your first times to visit my blog? I was just curious to know how you found it. =) I hope you enjoy it, and are encouraged and blessed!
Oh yes, photography! I am glad to hear you loved to look through my pictures. I very recently got a Canon 40D. I love it SO much. It is wonderful... =D
Keep practicing! It's the best way to learn and get better pictures that display your personality and the glory of God. Teaching yourself is a terrific way! Blessing to you and your endeavors!