March 27, 2008

Irises From Miss Sally

They're so fresh and radiant!
This Sunday we were given the most beautiful bouquet...

I was also thinking about something that day. I was given the most cristal clear image of humility and grace...and that was from the Lord.
I was overwhelmed by the extent- the eternal, everlasting extent of Him, His love, His understanding. Even in our strongest extent, when in the glorious light of the Lord, we are so small and weak. When we reach our highest point of praise, we are still low. What gets me is the sincere humility and grace that belongs to Him.
It runs so deep.
We give Him our heart, stained and torn as it is, but that is all He wants...He wants to make it new. He can look at us and see beauty and radiance, even though He really is just looking at His reflection in us.
Just imagine the humility and grace it would take for us to face the fact that someone was great when it was really you who did it, and you who was great. Just stop and think on this...How big He is. His love is everlasting.
Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound!
"Because the foolishness of God is wiser than men, and the weakness of God is stronger than men." 1 Corinthians 1:25 (Verses 26-31 go well too!)
Our Irises have already wilted...
It's just a tiny reminder to me of our wilted lives, and the radiance He brings. No strings attached.

March 22, 2008

Resurrecting Pine

It was Friday afternoon when I heard the splash...

I was in the other room working on preparations for our Sunday guests, and Keslie was at the counter dying 3 dozens of Easter eggs with Ben and Annie... (It's Dad's newly invented tradition to shoot them with hand guns and rifles instead of hunting them!) I knew what the splash was, but I didn't know it was red. It was almost as if we all gathered around and just stared in shock at the red dye that was pouring down the bar stools and dripping from the counter. So, Dad called Mom who was running the last minute errands and asked if she could pick up some stuff to scrub this mess off of our Pine floors. Well, that finished up that and it looked so clean after we were done scrubbing.
Almost too clean...
So then Mom came up with the brilliant idea that tomorrow we should scrub the whole kitchen, under the bar stools, and over the walkway to the pantry, before our company comes that weedend...Seriously.

Bright and early the next morning found me on the kitchen floor working with Mom. Even though we're morning people, we didn't even find the chance to get ready for the day, so Mom and I were sitting there in our pj's vacuuming and scrubbing away... =) My mind was actually thinking what amazing pictures I could be getting down here, so I decided to take a break and go get my camera... ;)
After a while, Dad came in and was somehow...very inspired. ;) He said that he thinks he should stain it tonight. I know Mom too well. She's a planner-aheader, a scheduler. She'd have everything in little time slots if life was that predictable. ;) So, needless to say, Mom wasn't too hot on the idea.

Let's say, Dad's ideas are not as predictable. When the vision comes to him, he'll do it. When he's ready, he's ready. No time slots. ...After a little practical convincing on my end, I helped her realize that we need to get the stain down while "the Stainer" is hot and revvin' to go.
She agreed.

By noon my brothers and sisters all chipped in on the next half of the floors, and we all just pretended that we were working together on a ship's deck...

That evening Dad broke out the Waterlox. It's his all-time favorite vintage sealer/finish. -Since 1916-
Looks like Gabe likes it too!

And, boy, did it look good!

We had the wood stove fired up, and I thought it was mighty cozy!

Mom's in love.

...Or was the reason we kept up for so long, was because we are expecting 20 people over for dinner in about...15 hours? I better go finish up some things and get to bed... For tomorrow brings joy to my heart...

He has risen!

March 16, 2008

The Photographer: How the Rain Falls

An Alec Knightman Film
-Third Floor Productions- 2007

"The year is 1929. James Lewis is a police photographer in a small suburb. His job involves high risks and little reward. Jem finds himself struggling to find a true standard of justice amid his turbulent times. Ella Reinhardt is a banker’s daughter. Her mother died at an early age and Ella is left alone in their spacious home with her preoccupied father and a mystery her mother left behind. Jem and Ella are linked together as, quietly and unobtrusively, a thunder cloud threatens to drench them in a downpour that will reveal a mystery and leave an indelible mark. In every life there are hard choices to make. Only God can know what the world will look like beyond the storm."

Okay...Are you completely convinced that this is a perfectly clean and wonderful film... from today? It's a favorite of ours that beats the best of today's films...The Photographer is built on a Foundation that present-day productions lack.

Are you ready to ride along with the action, the mystery,
and to be driven...Oh, wait...I can't tell you about that part.
Check it out, everyone!
You can get more exciting info and buy it here:

March 15, 2008

Grandpa and Grandma's House

A place I am thankful for...

The place where my mother grew up.