February 19, 2008

Little Boys- The Real Thing

What would life be like without the essence of...boys?

The discovery?

The mud?
100,000,000 Airsoft BBs scattered on the floor?
Guy things?

Remember all little boys use to work?
Keep loving the tough stains they may put in life,
and don't forsake your little men.
It's just the real thing!

We need the real thing.

I don't know what I'd do without them!


HannahC said...

Great pictures, and good message! I totally agree!

SisterlyLove said...

I love this post!
You are so good at taking Pictures and at puting words together so beautifully!

The picture of him splashing in the mud puddle is SO cool!

Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Oh, my friend, that is beautiful.

Such a needed reminder. Thank you.


elizabeth said...

GREAT post, Kami!!! I really like the picture of the mud splashing-- so neat!!
What a precious message too!!
Have a great day!!
Much Love,

Gabe & Ben said...

ok...there is not even one milion or however much you said,to be egzact theres only 5,000 BB'S

abby said...

hey! I just came across your blog from CMF and thought I would leave a comment! I LOVE the boots in the mud puddle! how cute! you take some really great pictures!~

Miss C the Second said...

Oh! Thanks, Abby! I was so happy to get a comment from you. Yep, CMF, I'd be there. =)

Oh my- Doesn't that picture just yell, "BOYS!"? He he! ;)

o0Sparrow0o said...

I love this post Kami! This is so funny! I've been to your blog once before, I don't remember how. I just never knew who's blog it was! What fun. =D