December 29, 2007

My New Camera!

Rainy day photo shoot.


Amber said...

OH!!!!!! Those are so lovely! You are great! I am sure you are greatly enjoying your photo shoots! Please post more soon! I am very much enjoying looking at them!

miss evangeline said...

Cute outfit Keslie has on, did you sew it?

Miss C the Second said...

Thanks, Amber!!!! :D

Evangeline- So good to hear from you! Keslie is actually wearing MY OUTFIT that I bought at a thrift store! :D It is going to be my dress for a historical character I'm sopposed to be at our winter ball.

SisterlyLove said...

Might we dare to ask WHO this historical Character is?

Ava Marie Munson said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
SisterlyLove said...

These are so beautiful Kami. I especially love the first one. Wow. Have you ever considered a Flickr account? I just joined. It's a lot of fun. If you want, I could send you an invite to your e-mail or you could just go to to check it out.
What kind of camera do you use?

Miss C the Second said...

Ava- I don't know WHY your comment is deleted, but I came on here today and it was gone??? I'm so sorry. Don't let it keep you from saying anything in the future! =D

Amy- I am going to be Grace Baily, wearing a 1950's outfit. My red polka dot dress!!!!

Gen- I don't have Flickr. I have been using Photo Bucket and Picasa. Do you know if it is much different? I have a CANON 20D!!! Yay! GO CANON!!!!! =D

Miss C the Second said...

Okay! This is what AVA MARIE said:

"Fun! We all have had several balls up here to. It is great fun sewing costumes and doing old fashioned hairstlyes..."

Yep! It's all fun! =D

HannahC said...

Kami, I love your outfit! It's very cute!

Miss C the Second said...

Thanks Hannah! I was happy to find a comment from you!!!!!
Welcome to my blog. =D I hope you will be encouraged and blessed.