December 23, 2007

As You Wish!

I don't know why we never got a picture of our decorated tree? This post is for all of our friends who have graciously asked time and time again to see our tree. ;)


Amber said...

Yeah! It looks lovely! Thanks!

The Jantzen family said...

*sigh* "As you wish" We're having some people over tomorrow to watch that movie!

What a beautiful tree!!!

Miss C the Second said...

Ha Ha! :D That's what I was thinking, Sarah! ;) Enjoy it.

SisterlyLove said...

Your tree is gorgeous! Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!!
Thanks for the Christmas "newsletter". You are an awesome writer!

SisterlyLove said...

WOW you look really high in that picture are you on a ladder? or something?
Verry bee-u-tee-full by the way!
Love you!!!

Miss C the Second said...

I am up high, Amy! I'm up in the loft. :D That's the only way I could get the tree to fit in my lens since the beams are in the way. Maybe you can come to our log home sometime...Wouldn't love to see one of those? ;) .wink.
Thanks for the bee-u-tee-full comment!!!