November 15, 2007

My Angel...

I was one mile up our gravel road when I heard the UPS truck coming around the corner...
Why did I have to be way up here when my lovely violin was delivered?
I had been praying for my new Scott Cao STV-750 one piece back violin to be delivered to me safely. It was!
I was so close to it, yet so far away...
I prayed that I would arrive home safely. I did.
...And look what I found waiting for me:


-Pictures taken by my sis.


Amber said...

I love those pictures! I love the whole look of the colors and subjects! Fun! See you soon!


SisterlyLove said...

Oh, beautiful! New instruments are such a happy thing! We want more pic's please?
-Gen, Marguerite and Aimee

SisterlyLove said...

How Beautiful!!!
I can't wait to here it!
Are you bringing it to the next reenactment? Big Kisses!

Covington Family said...

How fun! I love listening to violin music, can't wait to hear yours!

Miss C the Second said...

Thanks, girls!
Oh, yes, Amy! I DO want to bring it to the next reenactment. I can't wait to play with you girls again. I am still trying to find time to reecord that music clip, Hannah! It's much harder & time consuming than I thought...I'll figure it out soon enough! =)