November 16, 2007

My Ranch-Hand

Gabe is my right-hand ranch-hand!
He has the best sense of humor, which makes things in life hilarious when we're together.
It's kind of like Abbott and Costello...
Well, maybe we're not that ridiculous!

...But look what I found in the fridge this morning...
We date the jars from each milking.
His is on the left and mine is on the right.

I love it! The milk is always fresh...

November 15, 2007

My Angel...

I was one mile up our gravel road when I heard the UPS truck coming around the corner...
Why did I have to be way up here when my lovely violin was delivered?
I had been praying for my new Scott Cao STV-750 one piece back violin to be delivered to me safely. It was!
I was so close to it, yet so far away...
I prayed that I would arrive home safely. I did.
...And look what I found waiting for me:


-Pictures taken by my sis.

November 3, 2007

San Antonio Pictures!

to the top 14 finalists!

I saw my face on the big screen and didn't know whether to laugh or cry. ;)
Okay, I didn't look that depressing!
We have put up a "theater clip" on the movie web page.

Our trip to Texas will always remain as one of my greatest memories. It wasn't just "the trip" that made it so wonderful or amazing, it was the people, being with my family and meeting friends. A very special highlight of the festival was getting to meet the Ramseys, the S&S ladies, and other beautiful young ladies striving to serve their family.
It seemed like everyone had known each other forever!
I felt blessed to watch the fruit of SO many filmmakers who have labored to create God-honoring films in a self-serving world.
Praise God for answering prayers and for blessing our movie's journey!
Thank you for praying for us!

We put together an album of my 300 pictures, but I'll post a few of my favorites here. You can always email me for the album.

We REALLY enjoyed our time in...Starbucks!

Flying out early Thursday morning.
I've never seen a sunrise from the sky!

I kept a journal while we were flying,
and gave it to Gabe to read when we arrived home.

Our country.

Hmmm...Did I scare everyone away?

I loved seeing those words:
San Antonio!


Conversations Commence!

Boy, it hurts to look UP at this thing for too long!

Now that I think of it...We never did go out to dinner.

Who had the time?

Inside the Lila Cockrell Theater.

...And amidst all of the action,

we DID remember the ALAMO!

So-long, Texas!