September 13, 2007

Your Daddy's Voice

Incline Your ear. Give attention. Listen to me.
Do not forget. Receive my words.
*That you may gain understanding*
Words like these come often from the voices of fathers in the Bible. I can see how their relationship with God and family is formed by their open communication. They speak and they listen, they pray and they sing. Their hearts are not hidden from those they love.
Many of us have heard much wisdom on learning to listen and obey our fathers' guidance, but many others have never even heard the counseling voice of their father. They lack something they themselves can not fill. Where is this sound teaching and wise instruction? You shouldn't think of this as an unfortunate fate, but rather it is a unique position.
Think of our relationship to our Heavenly Father. There was a time when you didn't know His voice. But something changed as you drew near to His teaching. It was not the Lord who changed, it was you.
Now you talk with Him. Walk with Him.
Listen to Him. Praise Him.
He knows your heart and all that you know.
It can be the same way with your Daddy. You may not know him very well because he never communicates with you. Maybe he doesn't listen, pray or sing.
Maybe he doesn't know you want to know him.
You can change.
Now talk with him, walk with him,
listen to him, praise him.
Don't wait for him to change.
He will see your heart and all that you know.
Be patient. If you know your Heavenly Father, you can know your Daddy. You must establish your communication with God before you can effectively communicate with others.
"Watch over your heart with all diligence, for from it flow the springs of life."
Proverbs 4:23

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