December 26, 2006

Gardening in December

Guess what came in the mail today?
A seed catalog!
Now I have been lost in rapidly growing thoughts about gardening...
...and in December!
Maybe I should just concentrate on garden designs for now.
~ * `~ *`~ *`~ *`~ *`~ *`~

"God gave us memories so that we might have roses in December."
James Barrie


Morgan said...

How fun!!! Now you guys can pick out some flowers for spring...not that you would buy them from the catalogue itself, mind you, but it would maybe give one an idea of what to plant. Love y'all!

The Ulmer Family said...

This is always the time of year that Noah and I sit down and pour over seed catalogs, picking out what we want to grow and raging over the prices!! :)
Love Ya, Kami!!